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Hi All,

First a quick hello. I registered here shortly after purchasing a 2010 Giulietta, but have only just got around to posting. The car is great fun to drive, especially now it has a new gearbox (I wish I knew about that fault before the purchase. At least the dealer fixed it for free).

Ive just had the car serviced and asked the garage to look at why the drivers side headlight washer was not working. They looked at it, but said it would be £250 to replace the unit - which I didnt want to pay. Both washers pop up from the bumper, but only the passenger side squirts water.

Can anyone tell me how to access the washer? It seems to be hidden behind the air box and under the head lamp. Do I need to remove the bumper, inner wing, or the rest of the car? :)

Are there any common faults with the washers that I should look out for?

Thanks in advance.
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