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headlamp problems

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:mad: please help!!!
After changing headlamp bulbs on my 147 (03) they decided to stop working, I've tried different bulbs and nothing, its only the headlamps that don't work! sidelights, main beam, fog lamps and all lights on the rear of the car are working normally, I've checked the fuses and the relay and they are all fine. Oh! and there is not even a warning light to tell me they are not working!
Any idea's????????????????????????????????:cry:
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You hear a lot about the GT's and 147's eating headlight bulbs. Try another set because you just might have blown them already...


One easy way to confirm.
Remove your bulb and test your old bulbs too. Use two wires connected to the battery terminals and two bare ends to touch the bulb terminals themselves.
If they light up as normal then you have another issue with the light cluster multiplug itself, or earthing point to the wing area, or even the outside possibility of stalk switch being faulty.
An auto electrician can have the job sorted for an hour's labour maximum, a mechanic, try 4 hours+.

So be aware that it could be more cost effective to use the right person for the right job assuming you can't locate the fault yourself;)

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