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Is the Alpine unit worth the cost? Or should I just go for a standard double din unit?

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As post title says, I'm planning to do swap my standard crappy blue and me controlled head unit that now only talks to me in Italian for the Alpine double din unit found in the newer 2018 models.

I'm going for the Alpine unit as
  • it's an OEM part on the newer models
  • I can retain my steering controls
  • Apple/Android integratoin
  • I know and trust alpine as a brand

Little bit unsure of what parts I need to replace and how to find them.
I know there's an upgrade kit for the newer models that comes with harnesses however I'm not super confident that would be applicable to my car as it's an older model. May be talking out my arse here, I just don't know enough yet.

I'm open to looking in to alternative head units but something that's CAN compatible to retain the steering controls etc is the main focus.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge, only had the car a couple weeks so I'm still learning its quirks.
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