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:thumbs:My plan is to get the centre console from a 52 plate 156 (digital controls type) and fit it in to my 2000 X reg 156 with the old style heater controls. This may sound daft and a lot of hassle but I have given it some thought first and this is how I wanted to do it!

Get the wiring loom from the 52 plate heater switches etc, found in the centre of the dash and also get the same from another car like mine then cut, solder and insulate all the matching wires of the old loom and the new loom.

This (I believe) would leave me with the plugs for the new style dash centre but the wiring to match my car.

The final stage would be to cut, solder and insulate my loom to the pre-built loom.

I don't see any major problems except the ballache of the actual splicing and dicing...opinions or advice welcome...but if you can't see why I would want to? then the answer is simple, I love my car, don't want to change it, but would like to improve it.:rolleyes:

Has anyone out there done this or tried to? :D

Thanks. Ian.
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