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Hard to engage gear Alfa 147 JTD

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Hi mates, a bit of a problem, need help :(

My car is 147 JTD 115hp 8v

I will try to explain as detail as possible. Couple a weeks ago i notice that i cannot engage in 1st and reverse gear.. Next day all were fine. Problem came back sine 2-3 days ago. A real struggle to put in 1 st gear, going from 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 was not that hard but not as smooth as it should be, again gear change was easier as i go in higher gear. So here is the state of other components that should influence the diagnose:

1. This only happens when engine is running
2. Clutch pedal seems fine (not hard to press) but a little bit more soft or it is a placebo effect.
3. When i put in gear (with a force) RPM doesn`t move, it stays at 800-850
4. Bitting point is normal, clutch seems fine no slipping
5. No errors on dash.

So my concern is that i dont want to end up changing everything just to find the problem :rant:. As I managed to search the forum, solution can be starting from 5 euro with the top hats of the gear linkages, 30 euro for changing gearbox oil (witch was on my schedule) to changing clutch kit. Normally I hope for the top hats and gearbox oil as a solution.

So i ask for help what can it really be the problem. If any question please write.

Thanks for your time.
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toay pick up my daughter from school came to some lights went change gear and couldn't gear lever is free moving about clutch is fine works as should ithink its stuck in 5 gear cant be the clutch it was all replaced last year any help please
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