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Hard suspension affecting cd player?

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So when I got my 155 I decided to beef up the sound system. Alfa factory fitted speakers have great high end in the cars but lack bass. SO I got some nice Clarions and fitted a Sony Cd player. However the CD player seemed to skip regularly even with new CD's in it. I was under the impression that the manufacturers had sorted this out with hardcore anti skip mechanisms. Anyway, I got sent 3 new replacements and they all do the same, which makes me wonder if the harder than usual suspension is the most likely cause.

Does anyone else have this problem? Its a £200 CD player (cd xr3300)


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:tut: Hell ya suspension must be hard!!! Aint never heard of this problem in a 155 before!! Did the player have some sort of transport lock to remove before instalation? Some do so the anti-shock doesnt get dammaged in transit!! Worth checking as Sony do a good product!! Got a Sony minidisc in mine!

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I had exactly that problem with the Aiwa unit in my 75TS. It didn't really have hard suspension, but rather than back off the dampers, I changed the unit to a Kenwood to fix it. Shame it didn't have the bass of the Aiwa though.
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