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My Giulietta is now 3 years old today :jester::thumbup: Okay that may mean the warranty is now gone but I'm not worried this has been my most reliable car I've ever had. I don't know if I've mentioned it but by this point one cars suspension exploded, another car tried to kill me and between them two cars I'd gone through 8 new tyres in 3 years.

I've had it 26 months of that time, it was an Alfa fleet car originally which I know is a worry for some people but for £11.5k 8 months old with 7000 miles on the clock with everything I wanted I couldn't resist, got a quick oil change and service done and the car was as good as new. Well until I got it home and it wouldn't start 2 days later, turned out it needed a new alternator as it must have been sat just too long before we bought it and it wasn't charging the battery enough. Final thing was just got the synchros changed as it was a known fault and thought may as well get it done under warranty, since then haven't had anymore faults/issues. All squeaks and rattles I've managed to fix myself.

As much as I love this car and the 1.6 diesel is a great engine I wanted to get the best out of it and quickly ended up getting a Spider Tuning box which was then replaced with a Performance Pack and now has the imode Performance pack attached which makes this car brilliant with so much torque! and in 2 years since fitting not a single issue and it's been on the highest race mode setting perminantly.

It went in for it's first proper MOT yesterday and apart from a loose undertray and I got the aircon refilled it came back perfect and passed with flying colours, the engineer even complimented on how it looked and ran like brand new, I gave the engine compartment a good spruce over earlier and it really does look like new now.

The thing that has surprised me the most is strangely the tyres! these have been on the car since new and it's done 30k miles now and they have only worn to 5mm (inner/center/outer) throughout, I have swapped the backs and fronts over every 8000 miles so they wear evenly however I don't understand how they are only half worn after 30k miles, I was expecting to be forced to change them this month!!! I'm clearly not pushing this car enough and as I mentioned I've had a spider tuning box on the max settings since about 8000 miles on the car.

Myself and my partner even though we have the Fiesta which is much faster and wilder (Also has a Spider Performance pack on race mode installed) love this car to bits and still feel very special driving it, here's to many more happy Birthdays with our beloved Giulietta :D
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