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Your Forum name Hackney Red

Real name Gareth

Age 37

Occupation Account Manager

Lives 9…..oh, as in where, Hackney

Marital Status Not married, but have a great girlfriend

which cars do you drive and why? Just the Alfa 156 GTA. It’s my 3rd Alfa (had a 146 about 10 yrs ago and had a 156 V6 from December to 2 weeks ago

Are you a real passionate for Alfa Romeo? Oh yes. There’s so many cars I like but unfortunately, until the lottery win, one is all I own.

What or how started your passion for Alfa Romeo and…
….do you think it’s fundamental to own one to have the passion?

I can't say there was an exact moment. I remember wanting a GTV as a kid. And when I bought my first, I could have had a Focus or something for the same money. No contest really. I don't think it's fundamental, it's perfectly ok to own an Alfa and not be mad about them. But it's good that so many people who put some thought into a car own one. Too many people see cars as "white goods" like a washing machine, it's why Peugeot are still in business.

Would you ever consider joining an Alfa Club or are you already a member of one? Would consider, just finding my Alfa feet again though.

What do you like most about Alfas? Design, the “what the hell, let’s just do it” approach. There’s so many touches that fit that ethos. And the engine. And the fact that they stand out from the BMW / Audi crowd but in a subtle way.

What do you like least about Alfas?
Perception of build quality and reliability which is sometimes a bit more than perception

What would be your dream cars?
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Ferrari 430 spyder
Honda S2000
Maserati Quattroporte
RR Sport
Brabus Rocket

What car would you least like to drive?
A people carrier

What would be your ideal drive in an Alfa (destination, passenger, driving music, etc)?
Across the alps, Gross Glockner pass, Stelvio, ending up by the Med with my GF, a good mix of music, “On Days Like These” for some parts, some Kraftwerk, David Holmes a real mix…..hmm I feel a mix coming on….

Any humorous Alfa or car-related stories you wish to share with us?
A few days after explaining the principle of the boxer engine in my old 146 to a housemate, I heard him telling someone that my Alfa had the engine from a Boxster in it.

What interests do you have outside of Alfas?
Still active on the S2000 forum, the car I owned before the Alfas and will own again when I can afford a 2 seat toy. Love playing football – is there an AOC footy club? And travel, in the Alfa obviously.

Tell us something nobody knows about you. (E.g. special skill, ever been on TV, etc)
I played in a cup final at Wembley.
And the "Red" in my name is for Nottingham Forest, not the Mancs or the Scousers

Do you have a party trick? If so what is it?

What do you like most about the Alfaowner forum? Any favourite threads, episodes or people?
I’m just getting to know the forum and the people, but everyone seems helpful so far…not enough meets though!

If you had £50,000 you had to spend in 72 hours, how would you choose to spend it?

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The FA Cup final 1991.....

I wish, just a corporate thing. Got to the final where we lost on penalties.

Hey, I'm up your way at the weekend, staying at the Midland in Morecambe.
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