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Hi All,

I am hoping I can get some advice and help, so let me explain my problem....

I have 2012 Alfa Gullieta, only done 30k miles so it is still relatively in good and runs amazing. However, I have problem when I am trying to use the Aux to play music through.

1 - When I listen to the radio, the sound amazing and you can hear it from all the speakers without any problems
2 - However, when you want to listen to music through the Aux, the music only comes the back speaker (left passenger side) or from the front passenger side only??!
3 - I have looked at the settings but no lock in trying to work why it is totally fine on all speakers when listening to radio but as soon as you use the AUX, the sound is only from the left side speakers?!!

I would apprechiate some advice and if anyone has had the same problems, would be good to know how this was fixed?

I can't imagine it is a speaker issue as it is totally fine when listening to radio or talking on the bluetooth.

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