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Hi all, I just did this last night, took a while to work out so thought I'd let anyone else know how it's done. I needed to change my light grey roof, pillar and rear shelf linings to black.
You will need your rear bench off first, see my posts on the "159 rear seat removal" thread on how to do this.
Firstly if you are planning on removing the roof lining, then it's safest to disconnect the battery first, as there is lots of fancy airbag curtains in the roof. Do this by making sure the car is off, undoing the quick release catch or nut on the black cable Negative terminal on the battery and then lifting the cable and hoop off and moving to a position where it won't touch the terminal. If your only removing the B Pillar trim then this is not necessary as only the seat belt and some cables are housed in there.
Next remove the bottom screw where the black plastic lower cover of the B Pillar trim meets the carpet near the rear footwear. This screw will only be visible once the rear bench has been removed and the rear door/seat plastic trim removed. Then lift up with your hand the edge of the front door sill carpet trim, this is clipped in and should eventually pull up at the B Pillar end to reveal the second screw holding the lower B Pillar trim in place.
The lower trim is now held in place by these 4 very strong fir tree type clips, so to avoid pulling at them and snapping something, pull the bottom of the trim out slightly and push down on it from the top so that it slides down releasing itself, leaving the 4 white clips stuck in the frame.
There is no way that you could reverse this to put the cover back so you need to remove those white clips from the frame to put them back into the lower cover that you have just removed.
To remove these fir tree style clips, twist them in their black plastic holders by putting your fingers behind them, Push the back upwards and the front down towards the floor, this will open the grabber clips they are in and they will pull out diagonally.
Save these to reattach to the lower trim for refitting. To remove the upper trim pop off the air bag button at the top to find a torx/star shaped screw that needs removing and you will be able to see two more now at the bottom of the trim.
Now remove the tricky trim around the hole that the seat belt comes out of so that you can turn the seat belt bracket to one side and pull and wiggle the upper cover off. If you need to remove this part from the seat belt then disconnect the seat belt bolt on the floor where it is connected to the drivers seat, it's hidden under a tricky black cover that needs a bit of prying and wiggling to remove, Once it's off you can remove the star torx bolt and then slide off the upper B Pillar trim.
when refitting reverse order of above but remember to put the 4 white clips into the lower pillar cover first and then press the cover into the pillar.

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