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I’ve owned my Mito QV for nearly 4 years now, and although I keep the body work in good condition, the same can’t be said for my interior. As my daily driver the interior has been nothing short of abused. Sometimes life gets in the way to do anything more than an occasional hoover.

Nothing in your car will be subject to the abuse that the steering wheel receives. Think about all the grease and grime for your hands, combined with regular friction, heat from the Sun and UV rays. This leads to a highly polished finish on the steering wheel.

I had a look my steering wheel and tbh I was little disgusted. Here it is:

You can see the shine. This is as a result of oil build up in the pores of the leather.

First step is to remove the surface oils. For this I used Auto Glym Leather Cleaner and a soft bristle brush, working the product in a light circular motion.

The cleaner lathers up nicely, which lifts and suspends the dirt, for a simple wipe down with a clean microfibre cloth.

Next step was to clean any dirt that had been impregnated into the pores. For this I used a steam cleaner, with the brush attachment, wrapped with a microfibre cloth. Again in light circular motions, working the microfibre into the pores opened up by the steam.

Look at the further dirt lifted from steaming:

With the steering wheel clean, I now sought to remove the “polished leather” and return the steering wheel to it’s “as new” matte finish. For this I used a Magic Eraser soaked in water. The Magic Eraser may seem like harmless tool, but take caution as it’s actually quite a harsh abrasive.

You’re looking to gently (I mean gently) rub, with almost no pressure to shave the surface of the leather. This will slightly roughen up the surface of the leather bringing back a nice matte finish.

You will see here despite the light pressure; dye transfer onto the sponge. Hence the need for caution:

Here’s the finished article. I seem to have lost by 50:50 shot vs the taped off area, but if you compare to my first picture you see the difference it’s made.

No need to apply any leather balms or creams. These just put oils back into the leather attracting more dirt. Best way to maintain this finish is to clean regularly with a soft bristle brush… easier said than done..
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