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I know there are a lot of threads on this but none of them i found had the simple remedy i came up with. HIT IT WITH A HAMMER!

Firstly symptoms: window shimmying, clicking or clunking at the top and not doing all the way up.

Common causes: lack of lubrication, worn teeth on regulator cog, burned out motor.

After reading a bunch of threads i came to the conclusion i needed a new regulator.

This can be fixed by replacing the regulator- around $500 au for new and 250 for used.

When i removed the old regulator i realized that i did not have the 3 common causes for replacement. What i found to be the cause was a join in the regulator [the one with the spring] had a little too much play which was making the teeth sit slightly too far away from the small motor cog and causing it to jump teeth under pressure.

I figured the join would become tighter if hammered centrally. So after a few firm hits using a tow bar as my anvil it tightened up and now works:thumbs:

I did connect to electrics and check between hits that the join did not become too tight also.

I hope this save someone else a few dollars too.:cool:

Photos for reference: the red circle is the join that was loose on mine.


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