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gtv rims on alfa 147 urgent !!!

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Hi there,

I have an oportunity to buy an 15" steel rims from a gtv as a winter set for my 147 (as now I have 17 supersport). I know that they are same 5x98 but what about other spec that J ect... Will be they plug and drive or?

Many thanks
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Think they will be ok not sure about the other way 147 to GTV . The ET is further out on the GTV ithink so should be ok .
Need some one who has tried though to be certain :thumbs:
But what about the wideness, 147 steel rims are 6J (can be fitted with 185/65/15), but i don`t know the GTV J on the steel rimes?
Just looked on the GTV thread and they do fit as I thought the stick out more but not a problem.
Ok :thumbs:
because their ET is different?

I found out that GTV ET is 30.5 and 147 ET is 40. What does this mean?
It means that the wheels will sit 10mm further out.
It will not be a problem unless you also want to fit snowchains.
longer wheel bolts aswell....i bought a set for my 147 and i needed a set of wheel bolts before they fitted....
Well I was hoping that u can also fit chains in emergency need ... Longer bolts :mad: they will cost me half the price of the rims ... Can I use the ones from the gtv or they are same as 147?

So bottom line is that this option is no plug n drive. What about 156 steel rims?
You can use the GTV bolts with the GTV wheels on your 147.

GTV wheels use 37mm bolts.
147/156/GT wheels use 23mm bolts.
What about 156 steel rims?
Obviously they will fit your 147.
You can use the bolts from your 17" rims too (assuming you have the correct bolts!).

Chain clearance is tight on all 147/156/GT, all covered in the manual.
I know thats why I wanted to use 185/65 is a standard profile i.e. cheaper and also I can use chains just in case ... So I should be after 156/147 or take the GTV with bolts and forget about the chains

Thanks mates.
There is a chance that 185/65R15 on GTV wheels would be ok with chains.
You'll need to do a few measurements to check.

Clearance to the suspension upright is always tight on 147/156/GT. Using GTV/Spider wheels would increase that clearance, but reduce the clearance to the outer wheelarch.
So if I understand right, sry I am a bit noob about rims spec, the gtv coz of the smaller ET edge of the rim will be closer for a 10 mm to the wheelarch?
Having in mind that now I have 17"supersport and they are 7J so one inch more then steel rims(6J) BUT the the Et is 10mm less on gtv, I can make an conclusion that when I put gtv rims they probably will he ~10mm furder of the wheelarch i.e. edge of the rim will ne closer to the chassy in comparatiom to the current 17" ?

Also for the 185/65 they are smaller in diametar then other dimensions for 147 195/60/15 205/55/16 215/45/17 as I recall, since that is the only dimension recommendet for chains? My guessing is ok?

Thanks again.
185/65R15 are 6mm bigger in diameter than the tiny 195/60R15 (only used on the 147).

For gauging clearance you can almost ignore wheel width and just concentrate on tyre section width and the offset (ET) difference.
On that you will be going from a 215 to a 185. 30mm reduction in section width. So even with the 10mm wider offset of the GTV wheels, a 185 tyre will have 5mm more arch clearance than your current rims with 215 tyres.

BIG thanks David C !!!

So I will probably take GTV rims with the bolts as a temp solution till my mechanic finds out 156/147 rims.
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