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Help I am a little confused.
I am trying to find radio and speakers for my 1998 GTV Lusso .
The kind soul who sold me the car asked if he could take his radio out - which was fine - but I didnt expect that to mean speakers as well!
I need the 2 little door speakers plus the 2 larger ones. Also is there a speaker on the rear shelf.
I am confused by the Alfa Audio Handbook which makes out the there is a compatability problem between different radios/wiring/models etc.
I am looking at buying a Alfa 937 MID CC BP937617446116 but have no idea if this will work.
Also as its a radio /cassette is it a waste of money - should I just go for an aftermarket good system.
Although I quite like keeping originality in a car.
Not really into Jap flashing lights and mega light shows on the display panel!

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aftermarket is a better option IMO. more features, usually better sound quality. so, depending upon what you want, you could have iPod connectivity, USB, BlueTooth, comprehensive tuning features (inbuilt crossover, time correction, EQ). it can also cater for future expansion with amplifiers if that's what you wish.

if the original alfa plugs remain, they should be standard ISO style. this makes for relatively easy installation; virtually plug-and-play, with the exception of the two main powerwires ('constant' powerwire that runs the unit and provides memory backup; 'switched'/ignition wire that triggers the headunit on/off when you turn your ignition key). refer to the stickied thread atop this forum about installing into the 147/156/GT; similar principles apply.

for speakers, i believe the standard factory size is 5x7", and are 2-way components (woofer + tweeter). not a huge range in this size on the market, and they may not be drop-in fitment; it depends on the size of the speaker frame/basket. but models you could try include:
*alpine type-R SPR-57C coaxials (ie: not components)
*boston acoustics coaxials SX85 or S85
*focal coaxial 570CA1
*hertz coaxial ECX570 or HCX570 or component ESK570.3
*rockford fosgate P1572 or T1572C

alternatively (or may be required, to fit some of the above), cut out the factory plastic speaker area to accommodate round, 6~6.5" speakers; use an mdf wood spacer ring to mount the new speaker. this opens up a huge range of speakers to choose from.

in the rear, i believe there are two 6~6.5" round speakers. however, focus on the best front speakers you can afford. rears are primarily for rear passengers, and i doubt you carry them very often!

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