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GTV Purchase question please ~!

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Hi all,

I'm very close to buying my first GTV V6 but have a couple of questions about the one I'm looking at !!

Firstly, the gear stick has a huge amount of play in it, espcially in neutral but also when in gear to some degree. It moves a couple of inches left to right !!The buyer tells me a rubber bush that has gone missing that fits under the gaiter somewhere and only costs a few quid & a few minutes. It that true?

When idling I could feel the engine vibration though the seat. Is this just an Alfa V6 trait? The idle was not low, and it didn't really feel excessive but thought I would ask....

Also sunroof doesn't work (no big deal but?) Is this common and/or expensive?

The passenger door didn't fit quite flush. No signs of any damage plus I could actually push the door to make it flush although it wouldn't stay flush. Is there some kind of adjustment to the mechanism to take this slack out?

It's a Series 2, 1998, black, 70k, FSH with cambelt done etc, very good cond for a 1998. Asking 4500 with a private 'K30 GTV' plate.
How's the price? Seems a little high to me...

Many many thanks

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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