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GTV Purchase question please ~!

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Hi all,

I'm very close to buying my first GTV V6 but have a couple of questions about the one I'm looking at !!

Firstly, the gear stick has a huge amount of play in it, espcially in neutral but also when in gear to some degree. It moves a couple of inches left to right !!The buyer tells me a rubber bush that has gone missing that fits under the gaiter somewhere and only costs a few quid & a few minutes. It that true?

When idling I could feel the engine vibration though the seat. Is this just an Alfa V6 trait? The idle was not low, and it didn't really feel excessive but thought I would ask....

Also sunroof doesn't work (no big deal but?) Is this common and/or expensive?

The passenger door didn't fit quite flush. No signs of any damage plus I could actually push the door to make it flush although it wouldn't stay flush. Is there some kind of adjustment to the mechanism to take this slack out?

It's a Series 2, 1998, black, 70k, FSH with cambelt done etc, very good cond for a 1998. Asking 4500 with a private 'K30 GTV' plate.
How's the price? Seems a little high to me...

Many many thanks

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The door thing may just be the knob that the lock locates on has slipped and needs adjusting and tightening. Very easy to do. Just need the right size torx head, slacken it and push it in a bit, and tighten.
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