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Hi all, and sorry if this has been asked a lot,

While rebuilding a very dead 99 GTV 2l TS ive recently got it back to life and running thanks to another engine, I had it idling on the drive for around 10 mins and the temp was very low, diagnosing a bust thermostat. Upon replacing that the engine came up to temp much better, but the cooling fan didnt kick in. Found the low speed resistor burnt to a crisp. This is now bypassed with some 6mm wire. Now during searches on here ive found answers to some of my problems but not all, my GTV has the later cooling control from the ECU, but the phase one cooling arrangement of single fan and single resistor. Using MultiECUscan i can force the fan on with the two speeds, so that eliminates a wiring or relay fault. If I unplug the temp sensor plug the fan kicks in, but only with the resistor bypassed. if i take that bridge out the fan doesnt run. if I unplug both low and high speed relays whilst the engines running they click in for a second then click out, with the fan running, but again only with the bypass wire.

Also the temp gauge in the car is going past the line after 90 degrees, which im led to understand is 100, but on ECUscan the temp is 91 at this point, ive ran the car up to 94 reading on ECUscan, but the fan never kicks in, with the bridge wire in or not.

Does anyone know the ECU temps that the fan low and high speed should kick in at so I can test the ECU output?

Thanks in advance.

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