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Gtv Cup Ts: a road/track project

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Hallo everybody
As promised in the welcome area, I start to post here the evolution of the project.
My name is Andrea, and I’m a proud citizen of Monza, the city with the “temple of speed” circuit.

First of all I want to say that this car is a part of a path I started last year to introduce my already licensed son Francesco in the fantastic world of vintage cars, racing tuning and , last but not least , sport driving on tracks.

I have a long experience in all those fields (I’m a former racing driver, with Porsche cars ) and I wanted my son to start with a FF car , because is a perfect way to learn the basic techniques to drive at high speed.

All young guys here in Italy are nowadays charmed by JDM cars, but I choose to start with an Italian brand full of history , design and passion: Alfa Romeo! No doubt!
At the and , we are Italian!

I choose the Gtv Cup model for some simple reasons:
1) Gtv is a proper coupe (only a bit overweight…)
2) I love the design made by Ing. Fumia, (more now than in the nineties…)
3) it has an excellent suspension package, and it can be improved easly
4) the price is already affordable for a project like this
5) the Cup model is the “racing” model of the family, like the Club Sport for Porsche cars (do you remeber 911 CS or 968 CS?)
6) the 2.0 liter is far better engine than the heavy Busso (God save our Violino dì Arese!!) for track use, and it can be upgraded to 230/240 Hp with no problem (without Turbo of course!)

There are some minor other reasons, but those six have conviced me to buy an excellent low mileage (less than 80k km) single owner car.

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle
Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle Tire

Vehicle Speedometer Car Gear shift Automotive lighting

And now me and the proud guy in the photo with his new Alfa Romeo are ready to start the journey!

Tire Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car
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The problem with the “Cup” series is that unfortunately the Fiat/Alfa Marketing guys in those days was in trouble with other very big financial problems than thinking about a proper special edition car.
I live in Monza, very close to Arese, and I know lots of guys that worked there in the nineties… it were very difficult times for our beloved brand…
What they did was a simple exterior “make up”, but not a serious lightweight program and chassis improvement as Porsche or Bmw always did on they CS line.
As you now, the Club Sport editions (or Cup, or Coppa, or Trofeo, in Alfa family) was intended by European manufacturer not for a race project (like the RS editions) , but to build a daily driver car that you can use in track during the weekend for gentlemen driver’s club races or simply for a good track day with friends.

I bought in the nineties a Porsche 968CS exactly for this reason: the 968CS had only 2 improvement than a normal 968: a better suspension package and a stripped (but always “elegant”) interior: no rear seats, no electric windows, lightweight carpet, less accessories, Recaro bucket seats with 4 point harnesses and an optional rollbar. it was a simple but clever solution for track addicted folks.
Vehicle Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive design

What I want to achieve with this project is to recreate a REAL Alfa GTV CUP, as it should be built for track-addicted customers.
I think also is an excellent way to teach to my son the first elements needed to transforms a very good looking coupe in a real sport car as a base to learn how to drive fast and secure.

Now we can start.
First of all, we have to attack the biggest problem of this car: the weight!
But with Italian taste! And we have an excellent example to follow: the magnificent beast: the SZ.

Chair Automotive design Rectangle Armrest Wood
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That looks fantastic and sounds like a fun project. I’ve a big soft spot for the Gtv having had a couple. They look amazing and always will. Whilst I quite like keeping my cars original (ish) I say good luck to you. If it keeps another Gtv on the road in good condition then that’s great.
I have a 156 GTA these days. It’s a brilliant car but I have to admit that I loved my Gtvs just as much.
Thank you. Fun is THE name of the game!
I admit it’s very difficult to choose between 156 GTA and GTV Cup…

i don’t know if you have seen this video… very interesting…
Great basis for a project. Watching with keen eyes. Some of those twinspark engines from 147 Challenge cars etc are such little rev monsters.
I congratulate the idea. I'm just curious if you were taking into account Fiat Coupe 2.0 20V Turbo?
Jowey, I know a guy who worked for Nordauto , the official Alfa Romeo team in the early 2000. They arrived with the 2000cc engine near 330 Hp (based on 1.8 crankcase). No problem to arrive to 230/240 hp with an acceptable reliability.

Lech, in Italy Alfa Romeo is a faith, like Ferrari.
You can’t compare a Fiat with an Alfa. It’s a sacrilege!! Ahahahahah
Seriously, Fiat Coupe has an excellent engine, fantastic to drive straight like Americans. But lacks in all other areas.
We are Italian. So Let’s start with the outfit….

Of course I wanted to find period correct parts ONLY, but it was very difficult Task because OMP brand changed some years ago and to find correct never used shoes, suite, etc has been extremely difficult.

i used this famous photo to start my research.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

After 6 months I finally find all the package!

The best pieces are the original “Alfa Romeo Cup” jacket and the “Alfa Romeo-Centro Prove Sportive” that means “Sports Testing Center” homologated suit. I find also the correct OMP shoes and gloves and the period correct OMP-AGV helmet (unfortunately lightly used and with a bit weird shape… very different from modern helmets)

Outerwear White Fashion Textile Sleeve

Outerwear Glove White Jersey Shorts

Helmet Automotive design Headgear Cap Sports gear

Shoe Sleeve Flooring Sportswear Floor

Outerwear Product Jersey Textile Sleeve

Lip Chin Shoe Eye Mouth

Sleeve Pink Red Waist Belt

Francesco is very happy!
Now we can think about the car …..
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We are Italian. So Let’s start with the outfit….

Francesco is very happy!
Now we can think about the car …..
So totally awesome! Now get to wrenching so we can see the full package.:love:
I love this! My dream is to make a stripped out gtv too… but done properly like I am sure you will. This will be awesome.
Good luck with your project. I too started a project TS early this year, brakes, suspension and cosmetics are all done and the final step of a turbo conversion aiming for 300bhp+ is due to start in January. You can check on my build here if you want (517) Planning major work on my Gtv TS | Page 8 | Alfa Romeo Forum (
Thank you Stu and compliment for your project!!
About us, as always, I started from books.
This is the most interesting and comprehensive way to know a car in all areas.

so, I found from a former owner of a little Alfa Garage in north Italy, the New Old Stock , very expensive , never used complete Technical Manuals, for CF1,2 and 3!

Book Publication Rectangle Font Red

it tooks about 1 month to study all the volumes in a deep way…
Perhaps the most interesting time in this adventure…
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Just brilliant, I’m certain we’ll all enjoy following your build...👍👍👍
The journey to arrive to a proper sport car will be quite long.
I want to teach and to share all single passages with my son, and we decided to do everything is possibile by ourselves, in our spare time.

So I decided to fix some milestones:

1)to buy NOS parts only for what we need to change. It’s more difficult but more interesting (moreover I’m a Nos Porsche parts collector… I know where and how to collect those parts)

2) weight excess is the enimy. But only mixed with good taste and style can make a good sport car . Everybody is able to strip down a car without taste…

3) after weight and “coolness”, the second step will be the suspension and brake area, and chassis reinforcement, with top components.

4) last rule : every change must be reversible, to return to a complete stock car.

At the end , before ANY mechanical upgrade, we’ll test the car on track, to understand how drive it fast and to find all the limits.

Let’s start with the first Nos piece: a special part only for Cup models found in Greece!:

Brown Product Rectangle Textile Wood

World Organism Wood Handwriting Font
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A twinnie is the best start for a track car if you're not after absolute lap time.
Thank you, this is exactly what I think.
There are plenty of FF cars out there
Often too powerful to start, too ugly or simply too expensive.
Alfa Twin Spark is a correct compromise with a wonderful heritage.

Nos parts:

Rectangle Font Handwriting Fashion accessory Circle

Brown Luggage and bags Handwriting Wood Line

Handwriting Glass bottle Event Drink Transparency
those seat belts came from 155. Perfect for the bucket seats we’ll install, with correct Alfa logo.
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I will be interested to see which seats you go for, as I need to lower the seats to fit in my GTV with a helmet on
About bucket seats… they will be a surprise (and the “piece de resistance” of the interiors…)

now I like to share a very rare leaflet (in Italian of course) about the 1999 “Alfa Cup” trophy, first edition, for Italian market, that launched the GTV model in the gentlemen drivers’s racing area, and from which I started the project.
The cost of the adventure, 22 years ago, for one race (2 days , with mechanics, a full racing equipment and a training to Andrea De Adamich School) was only 2500 euro…. What an excellent opportunity…

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Font Rectangle Magenta Carmine Number

Tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive tire
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We want to use only the best parts available…
For example. I couldn’t find a proper racing strut bar in Europe…
I found it in Japan….

Sleeve Floor Flooring Wood Triangle

with correct attachment to the domes and made with the “fabulous material”….

Hand Automotive tire Finger Bumper Wood
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Again from Japan, another interesting product, never found elsewhere: an internal floor brace , useful also to attach 4 point racing harnesses..

Wood Office supplies Metal Soil Event
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