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My son and I had a wonderful track day at Rockingham on Sunday.

Seeing a gloomy to rainy forecast all week it was fantastic to have a dry track day and for the most part sunshine as well.

They just did a drive by sound test and as I wasn't pulled in all was well.

And whilst it was open pit sessions the numbers were not that great so you were allowed to overtake both left and right so on occasion it made for some interesting and fun passing maneouvers.

The lad ran his souped up "German Golf machine" but my Cup was the only Alfa out there.

Other cars included a superb Abarth 500 in the next garage to us, an amazingly fast professionally driven Porsche and quite a few Caterham’s.

Every time I came in I was checking the heat coming off the tyres and wheels.
Have to say they were working well.

My son came in earlier than he had planned after his first session as smoke was coming from his tyres.
Whether he was just overly fast or has a crap (non alfa Car) is there to be decided.
I think a bit of both really !

Hopefully the pictures show a taste of the day.
Worth worth doing if you get the chance.



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