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Ok i've just taken out the factory stereo from my GTV and put in a decent one.

I've also put in new speakers at the back and unplugged the ones at the front until I get the adaptor brackets for my 13cm sets.

So with new speakers and a new stereo I should be hearing some nice sounds. However even with the volume set to a relatively low level it sounds bloody awfull. :mad: Pretty much exactly as it was before.

I've heard the speakers and the stereo in the shop and they sounded exactly 1 quadrillion times better.

Could it be the standard GTV cables since thats the only thing not replaced? :confused:

Never had this trouble when upgrading the speakers in my old mini's

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very unlikely to be the cabling. it should have no probs handling the power from a headunit. only if you were using a powerful amplifier (ie: >100WRMS per channel) would you benefit from new, thicker speakerwire.

if the speakers have good potential (ie: sounded good in the store), 99% of issues relates to poor installation. :p

principles of installation include:
*ensure polarity of speakerwire correct: if speakers end up out of phase with each other (eg: one speaker having polarity incorrect), they will sound dull and washed out, due to cancellation of some frequencies (destructive interference)
*solidly mounted speakers: not loose
*no air gaps/leaks around the speaker: gaps = loss of bass/clarity

also, brand new speakers benefit from about 20+ hours of use to loosen up the 'suspension' (foam or rubber 'surround' and the spider). then they sound better; though not hugely so. this wouldn't account for bad sounding speakers.

so, what's the installation like? what speakers are they? what headunit? in the shop, were they powered off an amp, or straight off a headunit? was a sub running at that time, unknown to you?

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