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Yes i know its not a 155 :p :rolleyes:
But have recently aquired a
Mk2 Golf Gti as a kind of second
car/project car and the ride
is very rough.
lots of clunking and knocking
from front end, and when steering
at slow speeds a loud snapping
Haven't had much time underneath
it yet,but the bushes don't look
that bad,not sure about the roll bar
maybe strut mounts or steering rack :confused:

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eek! eek! eek! Golf GTI ........Whats the world coming to...........

The clicking noise when turning might be a broken spring or a knackered CV joint

The banging and clunking noise when driving ................well it`s a Golf they all do it :p :rolleyes:

Vorsrung deutch knackered or sumat like that

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And then the flak started.... :rolleyes:
(knew it was coming)

Cheers speedy,i knew i could
rely on you :p

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Tony. The clunking is most likely the strut top mounts. How do I know ???? I'm not telling but it may also sound like the springs are going a kinda "clunnnnnng" when turning.
Actually, it is a big problem on the Mk2 Golfs as nobody changes the strut top mounts.
How do I know ?????? Again I'm not telling........

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