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Hi All,
I would like to share with you little project that have my friend done to his GT.
As a christmas present I got him wooden steering wheel but suddenly we realized it has different shaped buttons-base than normal one. For the wooden they never made the blank covers so we had three options. Either have the buttons non working (which is a bit dull), add all necessary wiring and make them work (which is bit too much work plus he uses aftermarket radio anyway so we were not sure about functionality) and finaly what we decided to do:
First step was to glue some pieces of plastic on the back with epoxy (just a lid from goose pâté :hehe: ). After that he used Plastic Model Putty to fill the rest. This part have we bit underestimated as the putty collapsed and we had to repeat this step. Personally I would recommend adding another piece of plastic also in the empty holes as a filler. After this it was pretty simple process.. several layers of primer with sanding between each layer and finished with custom mixed paint to match the original.


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