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The forum's Classifieds system appears to be a bit flaky, so I thought I'd post here....

I have a secondhand Longlife stainless steel cat-back system for an Alfa GT 3.2V6- we built it ourselves some time ago, but the owner thought it was too loud. The quality is very good - we only ever used T304 stainless and always used welded-seam silencers (rather than the rolled-seam found on some cheaper stainless systems)

I haven't heard it myself, but I'm reliably informed that it sounded "epic" - probably not what you'd want for a daily driver, or a motorway cruiser, but if yours is a fun / weekend car, this might be right up your street - just remember, it is NOT quiet!

Its a bit mucky, but a few minutes with the Autosol on the tailpipes cleaned it up nicely - see the photos - half an hour should see it looking very good.

Collection preferred from Birmingham, but we'll pack it if you want to arrange a courier

Looking for £120 - this is less than 1/3 of the cost of a new Longlife system


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