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Does anyone have a pic of what lurks behind the rear side panel of the GT. I only ask as I have a cunning plan to shoehorn some 6x9"s into the existing rear speakerpositioning by making an adaptor plate of some sort. Just a bit too cold to go on any exploratory dismantling at the moment.
Also - had a small EUREKA!! moment. I have the sporadic creaks from the rear of my GT (not seat backs as it still does it with them down) however was wondering if a bit of extra rigidity would help here? I.E. lower strut brace. Does such a beast exist of would a beefier anti roll bar just do the same job.

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could be a tight fit. the hole in the metal is round, but the spacer from memory is fairly thick; so, depending upon how big the basket/magnet is on your 6x9s, they may taper off enough to fit when you add the right thickness spacer.

the best photo of my GT i could find in my files is not overly helpful:

as long as you're comfortable (and able) to trim a slither of metal to convert the round hole to oval, you should have no troubles 'making them fit' if necessary.

as for strut braces, you can add a 'top' rear strut brace that goes between the suspension towers. but three caveats:
1. you have to slightly trim/cut the carpet to pass the brace through to the towers
2. you have to drill holes in the towers to bolt/screw it into position
3. a brace in that position will stop you from putting in large luggage when you fold the seats down

OMP make these braces.

the only other variations i've seen are going to be mega-expensive JDM versions:

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