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Hello there!

My alarm arms and disarms with the flashing indicators and locks the doors. But it appears that's all it does, its totally silent when it does this.

I have had the windows down, opened the door from the inside (the red door lock light on the dash starts flashing red) I put the key in and start the car fine?! The red door lock light just flashes red. I am guessing this is because the key disables the immobiliser and that's separate from the actual alarm ?

There are no beeps or alarm sounding or anything.

I did notice once I had the windows down and alarmed the car, came back and my indicators were all flashing like the alarm was going off...but no sound at all!

I have read it is possible to turn the beeps off etc, which is possible what has happened but how the hell do I know if it works then lol

Any ideas?


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