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GT headlights issue

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Hi there all!
I have a problem with one of my GT's headligh. It seems that the lamp housing is broken and moving thus the light "jumping" in every hole on the road. Does anyone know if the inside housing can be seperated from the outer housing? and if yes, how can be done? Thank you in advance.
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OK, it seems the lamp is not loose but the reflector inside is not fully attached. It may even be the electric height adjustment motor was disturbed and is not securing the reflector properly.

Take the bulb covers off to see where the problem is before deciding you need to remove the bumper and headlamps before removing the headlamp lens. In any case, the lens is not intended to be removed. It can be done though.
Unfortunately, the bulb is well secured in it's place. It's the reflector that bounces, and yes, propably it's the height adjustment motor that is disturbed. The question is, can this be fixed with the headlight on the car? I assume impossible. Have you ever fixed that kind of problem before?
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