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as it says

having fitted my Hybrid I no longer need the stock turbo,it has 100k on it so far from new but was working well before removal, would be perfect as a donor turbo for a hybrid meaning you don't have to have your own car off the road for a week or so whilst the work is being done, you can then sell your old unit on after a re-coup the cash.

£150 picked up or that + delivery cost, I reckon £20.

very reasonable price for one of these ,I could not find a 777250-1 or compatible turbo for less than £250 when I was looking, in the end I lucked out and am selling for exactly what i paid for my donor unit.

although it is working fine no guarantee is implied or given and as stated at this mileage its a working turbo but I personally would refurb it whilst off the car. This plus the purchase price would give you a brand new unit for well under £500 and keep things simple with turbo off and on labor charge.

drop ma a PM if interested ,if no interest on here it will go on Ebay, but I thought I would give you gents first dibs..:thumbup:


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