My lovely GT for sale

1.9 diesel
Blue with light Grey Interior

I love it because when i first saw a GT i was like “thats a beautiful car“ so I bought one, and its a pleasure to drive - it is fast and that torque curve is so good to ride, this Diesel engine is seriously good. Surprisingly practical with that boot, space in back for kids when needed and its economical too 50mpg on long trips

it has had all the known issues dealt with at Alfa specialists
Water Pump & Cam belt - standard at 75K
Rear shocks replaced - wow that was close, if any owner hasnt done it DO IT NOW when they go they go.
Wiper mechanism - after 2 others and all the pain there, now fitted with a with a specialist after market one piece steel bracket not the breakable plastic corners on the alfa part - its now literally unbreakable
Door handles - yes you guys in the know, know this happens. I pulled both handles off the car within 2 minutes one winter. 1 car no handles, 2 kids in coats and scarfs. Daddy day care at home that day. Replaced and so good now. I even like these door handles, they are sexy handles.
Cills - welding done as needed on these, tip top now.
@£1500 worth of work on common issues

Plus in last few MOTs I started to upgrade parts replacing with top class parts as i was keeping it and slowly turning it into a daily driver / track car
New Disks and Pads all round - Black carbon better than Brembo, and Painted Black callipers
New sports exhaust - needed a new back box so bought a really nice replacement, looks and sounds great
Tuning, swirl flab and Turbo hoses replacement - at Alfa Lusso
£1250 spend in last 2 years
- as I said was making it ready for track days, next up was the Bilstein suspension and racing colourway.

So you can see its been loved and looked after - mechanically it is as sound as anything out there down to work and skills of some great Alfa mechanics ( all bills etc present) its done literally less than 500 miles in last two years and has MOT without any advisories. It’s been recently fully serviced. has a top Varta battery in it.

  • MOT no advisories
  • FSH recent service less than 300 miles ago
  • Interior is really very good condition, no rips or tears to leather anywhere.
  • All paperwork ( and huge piles of bills for work) is present
  • 97k miles

not so good - body/coach work
Only that my wife has also used it as station car, and so other careless drivers have inflected small damage to it here and there, which has accumulated over the years. It has many small but attention worthy body issues - pin dents, bumper scrapes etc. Nothing on its own is significant but together. Unfortunately for me but luckily for you will detract from its value

I was either going to keep it and get a full - fill, rub, re-spray done or perhaps a wrap.
torn between original blue with white racing strip
go for something like a silky grey gloss with a black racing stripe ( to go with grey interior)

So could be perfect if youre they guy to do this yourself…. if so you'd have a great car for daily driver, for the track, shows etc, anyway that was my idea and plan. I hope someone can take it forward and complete this project its 8/10th of the way there.

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