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Hi folks,

I know this has been covered a few times in this forum, but as it's fast approaching Christmas, I need a pretty definative answer quickly!

The other day I had a Low Brake Fluid warning message, which surprised me as two weeks earlier the car had been serviced by an Alfa main dealer. Anyway, I topped it up a little, and everything seemed ok.

A few days later, the clutch pedal started acting up. It got progressively softer, until it was almost impossible to engage first gear, or change gear.

I've bled the slave cylinder and for a couple of minutes, the pedal felt normal, and gear change was fine.

However, within no time at all, the pedal was soft again, and gear change was a pain.

I can't see any evidence of leakage at the slave cylinder, so am I looking at a defective master cylinder?

The fluid levels haven't dropped much after bleeding, which I was expecting it to.

As it's too late to book the car into a garage, I'm happy to have a go at this myself over the holidays, but I just need to make sure I've got the parts on hand.

Anyone had this before?


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