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Hey guys,

Been trying to fix this for a while, have the ELM USB coming from ebay, but I'm in Aus, could take a while :(.

This is what ive done so far;

Just tried the battery disconnect trick, didn't work, though I feel the passenger side is even more aircon-y now.

When I reconnected the battery I could hear two flaps moving. One behind the glove box (air intake from the cabin by the looks of it) and another that I cant seem to see.
Is this the heater articulation flap?

Ive followed this guide but in the second installment, I cant find a gear drive box that looks anything like that on either side.

  • So I guess, does anyone have any diagrams of the heater/aircon mix flap area... or photos of what I need to look for? For a GT obviously, seems different from the older cars.
  • I was really hopping I could see a clear indication of if its closed or open (like the gearbox from the guide)?
  • Is there two flaps to the engine for heat, one for each side, what should I hear during calibration?
Thanks all, summer is coming and it gets bloody hot here lol
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