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Ok, heres my plan,

I am resigned to the fact I am going to have to install RHD headlights which I have already purchased and am prepared to fit myself following directions from this Thread. This is obviously not brilliant as I will have to do it every time I take the car either oversees or back to the UK for any significant amount of time.

The other problem of course is the single reverse and fog lights on the rear and this is where I would like some advice. If I were to do the following would it work:

1) Purchase RHD rear light clusters

2) Drill out the interior lenses including fittings of two reverse light units

3) Drill out two holes in two fog units next to existing fog lenses

4) Cement the reverse lenses into new holes

5) Fit new "dual lens clusters"

6) Connect an additional loom to existing circuit after connecting block and fix under chassis

What I'd like to know is whether this would give a bulb fault indication, whether I would have problems with brightness and if I would need to change the fuses.

I realise that this is an ambitious project, but the hassle of swapping rear light clusters on top of headlight clusters more than once makes me feel a little nauseous! Added to this the single reverse light is useless for reversing in the dark when I have to apply my brakes for any visibility and this might help with that somewhat.

Please let me know what you think, any comments that I should have bought a car with dual fog and reversing lights are clearly from people who don't appreciate the beauty of the GT!! ;)
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