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Come again HM :confused:
No thanks I try to stay nice and calm on a Sunday :D

What, and listen to him grunting and groaning again? :vomit:
Durty boy :tut:


I am intrigued as to the cause of the OP though.
Good god Im getting it in both ears too!! Were's the remote
^^^^^^^^Wot he said ^^^^^^^

'Midwives' or some such, off for a shave too.
And my Kitteh Komrade :D

They'll never forgive us for child birth ! :eek:


*Zips up flame suit, puts on tin hat and takes cover*

:eek: Run and run far away but they will catch you eventually :(

:D I thought HM had a mole knocking at the back door...
GJ's the man to talk about regarding moles knocking at the back door ;)

Boys stuff now Sherlock :thumbs:
1 - 20 of 109 Posts