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Hi Guys,

Newbie alert.

I'm driving a Mito 1.4TB Cloverleaf, owned it for a few months and i love it! Weird issue I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on.

When pulling away, sometimes i get this groaning noise. I think its coming from the front of the car. It tends to happen when the car is cold, but it happened yesterday after a 120 mile journey when i was reversing up a hill. It only happens when i'm still using the clutch, literally moving off the line. It lasts maybe 1 second.

I'm wandering if it is something like the hill assist/hand brake isn't fully retracting? could this happen? Is there any way to turn off hill assist so i can try this?

Is there anything else that could cause a groaning noise i should look into?

Any help appreciated :)


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