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My name is Olle and I just bought my first Alfa....! (oops, that sounds a bit like an AA meeting, doesn't it...). Being a bit hesitant to trade my motor bike for a car I was persuaded to go for an Alfa. Since the Italian car reputation is not the most solid in Sweden I was kind of skeptic when a colleague of mine suggested that I should check out "the beautiful GTV V6 3.0 -98" he had found for sale on the net. Well what can I say, I bought the car directly after the first test drive, and I have had a big smile on my face ever since (perhaps apart from when a got the bill after changing the cam- and transmission belts) The AA metaphor is perhaps not so bad after all since Alfa seems to be a bit addictive.

Well, nice to meet you all - this seems to be a very nice forum for people like me - Alfa addicts :)

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