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Hi all,

Just bought my first Alfa last week - 2005 147 2.0 T.Spark 3 door in white with grey sports leather.

This is my 19th car... I traded in a 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport which I bought brand new for this. I hope I've made a good decision...

Has clocked 52,000km in 3 years, so had all belts and tensioners done yesterday (as well as the 60K service).

Dealer (the only one in West Australia) wanted $1500 for this - I managed to find a great Alfa specialist who did the job for much less, and I think a better job.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here - folks seem very helpful which I like (and have a feeling I will need!).

Johann (commsguy71)

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Hey Johann.

Love the facelift 147 in white - sounds to me like you made the right choice - and you should have good peace of mind now that you've had the belts done.

Head over to the "Alfa Aussies" thread to chat to some fellow Australian Alfa owners.

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