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Hello Alfisti,

I'm Ton from the Alfa Romeo 166 Club Netherlands.
Began the club almost 5 years a go now, July 7 it exists for 5 years.
We have 286 members at this moment and are still growing.

Now English is not my native language so please forgive me my mistakes.
My "Alfa days" started about 10 years a go so I wasn't born a Alfisti, I became one after driving for the first time in the 33 1.4 from my son.
He bought his first Alfa in the family, offered me a ride, let me drive it and I was sold.
At that time I was drving Fiat's, a Tipo at that moment and I went to de Alfa dealer and there I both a 155 1.8. Did drive that car for about 2 years, found myself a beautifull 156 (Nero with red style interiour), also a 1.8 but that car was to much in the repairshop. Fortunatly I bought the 156 with a 2 year guarantee so no costs at my expence.
But when the 2 years go by, I started looking for an other car.
That became the Alfa Romeo 166. A 3.0 V6 24v Sportronic and man, do I love that car! It's great, really great to drive.
001 Ton pictures by walliew - Photobucket
You can find pictures of my Alfa following the link.

Further more:
I am married, the wife is driving an Alfa 145 1.4 TS, I have a son driving at the moment a 145 1.8, almost the same car as my wife has
, see a picture over here.
My sons sister is not yet driving Alfa because of here husband, he don't likes Alfa but we are working on that.
He drives an Opel at the moment and is a lot of fun to see them in that car....when it works :cheese:
After quit some troubles with 3 or 4 Opels now, Alfa becomes better and better. Time will tell.

So, that's me, hope to learn a lot more about Alfa and the visitors of

Greetings from Holland!
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