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Had 2 new tyres on the Spider a few weeks ago. Took it out for a long drive last week and to my horror the whole car was vibrating terribly when over 60mph.
I rang Lewis at Alfatecnico who said bring it around anytime and he will balance the tyres properly which it appeared had never been done in the first place.
So a couple of days ago I took it round and he got one of his lads to re balance the wheels, whilst waiting he took me for a spin in his own 147 Q2 GTA which he had seen me drooling over in his workshop. Boy what a car, he has done some mods to it - stainless exhaust , powerflex bushes upgraded infotainment to name a few and for a 2004 car it felt new and very quick. When we returned wheels were balanced and back on my Spider and they also gave me a new centre cap for a wheel as it was bit loose.

Great service, great bunch of guys fully recommend them to anyone who needs work doing to their Alfa old or new.
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