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Hi all
I have a really reasonably priced leather cleaner and condiioner.

I have a phase 2 916 spider lusso with the red leather interior . when i bought it the leather was in average condition and i had tried various leather creams from auto shops and none seemed to give back that nice shiney leather look.

went to my local super market (coles in Australia) and found a small pump pack of selley's leather conditoner and cleaner. $9.95 aus. stuff has the consistency of armourall and I thought well at half the price of the supposed good stuff it was worth a shot .
the results were awsome. with in a couple of uses the seats look new as dam it new.
The one trade off is you have to use it about every 2 weeks but it is just so worth it.
P.s I have no shares or interest in selley's products.....mind you wish i did
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