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thought id let you know how trackday went at brands...lots of cars on m3,caterham,clio turbo,fiesta st,jag xjf,focus rs,nissan gtr...
first time round I was unsure of pace however after being bullied out of way by more seasoned trackdayers I took a break and chatted to someone who was a regular..
when I saw how quick cars were going down straight when outside of car it was a bit intimidating but I found my nerve and went back out.
this time I really pushed gqv redlineing and braking hard and managed to keep in front of some of the bigboys....gqv felt pretty good with bilstein b6 and eibach combo but you really need drilled discs and better pads as they can withstand the heavy brake temps..i was only alfa on track so had to make good show..i learnt that it is inwise to put handbrake on when resting between laps
as this cooks pads onto disc and that you will need to go to have four new tyres when you get home as they will have melted pretty well too..yeah very expensive day out but it felt great REALLY pushing gqv which I think shocked a few bigger cars on track..
I think the only thing that let car down was my track driving knowledge and race line or lack of..oh remap by celtic tuning helped too.:thumbup:
me and a certain trackday built clio turbo kinda turned into a race as does most of day despite what is said at briefing and nearly got blackflag on last run
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