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Last Friday whilst driving my Veloce, I had the GPF regen symbol illuminate at just under 4k miles, closely followed by check engine light, car was running rough just as a diesel would feel during DPF regeneration. I drove the 10 miles or so home with no issue. Following morning the car wouldn't start.
Called customers services, some 4 hours later the 'expert' technician from Allianz showed up, by that time I'd read the handbook which states engine check + GPF symbol = GPF problem. The expert told me the car must be diesel as petrol cars don't have a particulate filter, his was proven wrong by witec, he had no idea how to put the car into neutral for recovery, the worst part was yet to come.
The car was dragged on plastic skids onto a low loader via chains wrapped around the rear suspension arms! I was out at the time I hasten to add.
Now I don't have any real issue with the fault, inconvenient as it is, customer services have been more than attentive arranged a replacement Audi A5 barge through enterprise. The main issue is sub contracting the diagnosis and recovery side out to incompetents.
Customer services to their credit have instructed the repairing dealer to inspect rear suspension and have a full alignment check carried out.
Dealer has found collapsed catalyst.
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