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Hey, i did not have been online for some time because i had major problems with my computer but i have fixed it so here i am again. Well.........i must say goodbye to my car this week. And i don't like it at all, we need more room for all the stuff we need to bring along for my son (11 months old), more room an alfa can provide. Even the 156 sportwagon is too small. :mad: So i have sold my car for a reasonable price to a colleague of mine, so i can see and hear her every day. :p ... So i have bought an Fiat Marea Weekend 2.0 20V 5 cilinder. Drives good but is no alfa. Well thank you guys for all your help here at this forum and maybe in future........we will see.

All the best and keep driving ALFA!!

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You will be back with another Alfa...

Once the urge gets the better of you

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