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Good Alfa Dealer, so far!

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This is my first posting, be gentle with me!

I've had my 147 since 1st Sept. Overall I'm very impressed with just a few niggles. The main one was that the rear hatch was slightly mis-aligned. Also the clutch pedal started to squeak.

Anyway the dealer where I bought the car (AMC Chelmsford) has treated me very well so far. When I came to pick the car up it was under a red cover in the showroom and was unveiled to me like a new car launch! Do all dealers do that?

Yesterday evening I dropped my car off to have the faults fixed the next day. I was loaned a 156 with leather interior but only a 1.6 engine. At 11:20 this morning the car was ready to pick up. Everything was in order and they'd cleaned it inside and out!

The only painfull bit was the cost of fitting mud flaps, nearly £100!!!