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Hi guys n gals got a problem hope someone can help out ....
here goes :- i have a 156 jtd 2.4 diesel on a 51 plate it dropped a valve so had new valves belts pulleys sensor on the cam and so on etc etc etc
it took ages to start loads of white smoke (this tells me that its unburnt fuel ) ran lumpy as you like:rant:blipped the throttle revs would pick up and clear slightly but then i now get a load tappy sound been told its over fueling after my first thought was valve timings :wow:
have had a play with taking plugs or the solenoids engine cuts out on some 1-3-5 i think but not on 2 or 4 but might be wrong not had time to check again the light fades to fast anyway can some one please point me in the dirrection i need to travel in as i going no where fast lol hahahaha round n round and costin me money
I am pretty sure some 1 must av had a similar problem and wold appreciate any help or suggestions thanks
Im not sayin im desperate but if any1 would like to come and have aplay feel free cos it has baffled the **** of me ...hahahahaha:confused::cry:

just to verify this is another jtd not my personal one this is one i have rebuilt from cam belt failure
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