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Hi all

Just thought I would leave a link for a great deal on glow plugs on Ebay for a 156 or 147

This guy is selling genuine fiat glow plugs for £2.99 each brand new and boxed.
Mine have just turned up for my 2.4 Sportswagon.
He has not got many left not suprisingly, so get in quick
He will even varify that they are the right ones for your oil burner if you send him your chassis number but to be sure I rang Alfa to double check all they are bang on.

The quote I got from the Alfa dealer was £16.00 each so this is unbelievable.
I nearly bought 2 sets but hell they last from 60 to 100 k so its seemed daft to deprive another member a chance of a good deal.
Get in quick, good luck and ...

See you all in Milan
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