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Can anyone tell me what the relays under the glove box are all attached to on the 24v super.
there are 4 relays and amplifier and window control box but cant find a proper list of which relay is for what any ideas:confused:
Can,t find them listed any where

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Do you still have your user manual? Mine lists some relays and their purposes but not sure about those, I'll look when I get home...

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Yes tom I do but no mention of these tells you all the ones in the car and under the bonnet but not these .I cant find them on the wiring diagrams on the 164 register site either.

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Right a quick update if anyone is interested think I have worked it out?with a lot of help from the 164 register. Many thanks.
From right to left.
The double relay listed in the elec guide as N11 A and N11B (door lock relays)
then guide list Q22 (electro-magnetic coupling control A/C I think.
then guide list 194 (Defrost device relay)
then guide list 125 (rear fog relay)
then guide list 117 (Front fog relay)
these are aswell as the ones that are in the fuse box listed in the owners hand book.
Apparently some models these relays are behind the instrument bezel on the dash.
Hope this helps someone else as its baffled me for ages :thumbs:


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