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Giulietta Speaker Distortion

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Hi All,

I've been getting some really annoying distortion from the sound system in my 2012 Giulietta. It seems to be just the front and rear passenger side speakers which will distort heavily when a there is a particularly bassy track playing, and the volume is above 14.

I really don't know whats causing the problem, whether its the speakers having blown, the amplifier/head unit or some cabling...

I did find this post in my searching so far, though it is pretty old: Bose - Central speaker in Giulietta? which had a couple of people at the end of the thread with similar issues by the sounds of things, so i guess im not alone...

Has anyone else had similar issues which they've managed to solve? Id be really grateful for any suggestions :)

Thanks in advance!
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the stock speakers are very low rated only 20W ( probably RMS) and made of plastic with a tiny magnet. Not exactly made for loudness or quality sound. Buy yourself a new set on component speakers, its an easy job and will make a lot of difference. Focal get get reviews here and for £125 or more you'll do alright. Focal are good because they have multiple mounting holes and the stock speakers only have 3 whereas most speakers with have 4. The focal are easier to fit because of this. Other makes will need some adapter rings to allow for the 4 holes.
Just use the adapters, any decent 6.5 will fit. You need an adapter anyway to space it out the inch or so like the factory speaker.

OP if you’re not a mad audiophile and just want it working again decently, don’t bother replacing the factory speaker. They really are rubbish and even if you’re not that fussed about music you’ll appreciate the improvement some “proper” speakers will make.

You can buy kits with the mounting adapters and wiring plugs to make this an easy modification. These Pioneers will play well with the factory stereo and be a massive improvement on factory for a modest spend.

Water will always manage to get between the rubbers and the window glass so any water that does make its way in is supposed to drain through small holes at the bottom of the door. Get down low and take a look. It would be worth cleaning these out to make sure they havent become clogged with dirt over the years. When I replaced my speakers recently I also fitted these baffles behind them. Not only will they protect your nice new speakers from getting wet they are supposed to improve the sound quality.

Car speakers are usually designed to need the airspace of the door, be careful using these as you are likely to actually hurt SQ. They are certainly no substitute for liberal amounts of deadener on the door skins.

They tend to be used as a band aid for poorly sealed doors or poor installations. The G front doors however are excellent for audio - well sealed and a solid base for the driver (and great tweeter placement). And good quality car audio speaker will perform better with the airspace of the door and these foam cup baffle things will just kill mid bass performance.

But used as an "umbrella" with the bottom half cut away they can be useful. Rigid ones are better though.

AU $7.07 17% Off | 2pcs Universal Car Audio 6.5" Speaker Mount Adapter Hron Pad Spacer Rings Bracket Waterproof Gasket Cover Protect The Speaker
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I meant sealed for air movement - as in they make a good speaker box :) Compared to my Megane2 especially, that is a bloody awful design to make speakers work in...

All car doors will leak water in past the window wiper seal, can’t be helped. Not sure the G is any better or worse than most. But noted on the way the water comes down... I hadn’t used a water shield, I think I’ll get one when I get around to the install on the new car - I have drivers with a wool/paper cone, they won’t like water... Not that it rains much where I live. But for you folks in sunny England ;)
Thanks for all the advice :) Im glad to have confirmation on the water in the door.... definitely worried me a little at first!
I think my plan going forward will be a set of pioneers for all 4 doors, an umbrella for the speakers to protect from the water (as you rightly point out haakon, rain in sunny England is an issue!!), and then a layer of sound deadening over the plastic inner door skin!

I think i'll also be putting a layer of sound deadening in the boot and wheel arches - but that'll be for a separate project!

Once again, thanks for all your help. If I remember, i'll try take some photos when I get around to doing it!
Best place for deadening is metal around fhe speaker mount on the whole panel. Next is the inside of the outer door skin ;)

Deadening the plastic door card is optional and not really required.
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