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Hi guys! I will be taking off my Remus exhaust from my car this Friday and I will put it up for sale. Probably on Ebay uk. I have the remus backbox, connecting tube fitted with 2 high performance straight through stainless steel silencers that greatly reduce loud sound but do not effect performance as well as 2 extra custom stainless steel parts that connect the connecting tube with the stock downpipe (or modified one if you have).
If you will be interested in this and want more info or sound videos etc let me know and I will post here.
The sound with a stock downpipe will be almost stock, and with a catless downpipe it will be very quiet no drone in the motorway whatsoever. All parts are oversize from the stock 50.8mm to 63.5mm.
I originally bought the connecting tube with the remus silencer, however I did replace it as the silencer inside was 50.8mm diameter and it was causing backpressure as a result limiting performance gains.
You will definetly see a performance gain with this system even in a totally stock car. If you have 270hp or more, an upgrade like this is required. You will see a bigger power gain than a comparable ragazzon as the ragazzons tubing diameter is the same as the stock exhaust.
The exhaust has been on my car for about 25,000km. It has zero rust on as it is fitted in a car based in Cyprus which is always garaged indoors.
I am posting below a quick picture I took about a month ago of the cat back system. Picture does not include the extra front stainless steel parts connecting what you see in the picture with the downpipe.


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