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Giulietta Glove box very wet

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Hi all

recently my 2016 Giulietta has started to have the glove box internally wet and has soaked the papers in there. I have taken off the wiper cowl to see if there is anything there but I cant see anywhere that would cause a leak. I am not sure when it happens either. When I removed the glove box and spray water over the windscreen and wiper area i cant see any leaks under the dash area where the glove box was. The top left and corn of the glove box insulation is wet when i removed the glove box so it is coming from that side.

I cant think of any other things to look at

Any ideas
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Not sure of the routing but could it be washer water possibly to the rear screen?
The rear screen washer pipe comes down that side,then goes along under the trim underneath both doors up to under the rear seat base,on my 2015 i have had 2 bursts on mine,one under the passenger front door soaking the carpet,the other under the rear seat base,the pipe is quite brittle plastic and for some reason instead of running it straight they have managed to put some curves and bends on it,mine had burst both times at these points.
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