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Hi everybody. My name is Massimo, and with my wife Luisa and two children have come to live in Chudleigh, in Devon. Of course, other than my Vw t4, we have also brought here our much loved Giulietta 1.4 tb.
We just were not able to sell her.
It's not that's a monster, in fact is a 105bhp depowered version sold only in Italy (the nm are the same that the 120, only the tax band is lower), but its elegance, roaring sound, ability to bully much more powerful cars just stuck with us. The more we use her, we more it's a member of the family.
Of course, being the engine you also find in the 500 abarth, I am planning some changes. A racechip, a camshaft and a more freeflowing exhaust to make her a bit more naughty.
Hope to meet you soon, and to get my hand on a 70s Giulia sooner or later.

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