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Giulietta Clutch Switch Stuck - cruise control broken

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Hi, I recently found out that my cruise control stopped working and also the graphic on my dashboard to change gears no longer appears.

After further inspection I noticed that the clutch switch is stuck and my clutch no longer touches the yellow tab. I have included image below. (Hard to see but yellow thing isn't touching bar coming from clutch). I've tried pulling it back which releases the yellow tab but when I press the clutch down again it gets stuck.

Does anyone have any idea for an easy fix or how I would go about removing and replacing it completely. I can find the whole switch online for £20 so wouldn't want to take it to a garage if I can do it myself.

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Not sure about replacing it, but have you tried WD40 or contact cleaner? It may just be gummed up with crud. Easier and cheaper than replacing the switch.
Cheers, I've tried that...doesn't seem to work. The yellow switch seems to click at the bottom and get stuck. Wondering if its meant to do that.
I had a bit more of a fiddle. Turns out there was a black plastic hook thing sticking from the back of the yellow switch. This was getting caught at the bottom and getting stuck. Just needed to remove and all working again! Hoepfully helps someone if it happens to anyone else.
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